Monday, June 27, 2011

Drury Not Placed On Waivers Yet, Must Be By Tomorrow To Be Bought Out

According to Steve Zipay on Twitter, the Rangers have not placed Chris Drury on waivers yet, which they must do before buying him out.  Zipay said that tomorrow is the last day the Rangers have to place Drury on waivers, otherwise he won't be able to be bought out.

Larry Brooks reported in the New York Post on Saturday that it now seems as if Chris Drury is leaning towards accepting a buyout, despite previously reporting that Drury may claim to have a career-ending knee injury that would prevent the Rangers from buying him out. Over the weekend, Rangers GM Glen Sather also said that he hasn't spoken to Drury in a while and that he assumed Drury was feeling fine.

It's anybody's guess what happens now, but something has to be up for this process to be taking this long. If there were no issues between Drury and the team, I tend to think he would've been bought out already.

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